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The name Sullivan is of Irish origin and carries a rich historical significance. It is derived from the Gaelic name Ó Súileabháin, meaning "descendant of Súileabhán." The Gaelic term "súil" refers to the eye, while "bán" translates to fair or white. Therefore, Sullivan can be interpreted to mean "descendant of the fair-eyed one" or "descendant of the one with white eyes."

In Irish folklore, the fair-eyed ones were believed to possess the ability to see beyond the ordinary realm and into the world of spirits. This name, with its mystical undertones, carries a sense of wisdom and insight. It conveys a connection to the supernatural and hints at a person who may possess an intuitive understanding of the world around them.

Additionally, Sullivan is a popular surname in Ireland, tracing its roots back to ancient Celtic clans. As a given name, Sullivan has gained popularity in recent years, embraced by parents who appreciate its Irish heritage and the sense of mystery and depth it conveys.

Origin: Irish

Black eyed.


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103 recorded births last year

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