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The name "Sky" is a unisex name that can be given to both boys and girls. It is derived from the Old Norse word "ský" which means "cloud" or "heavenly". As a boy's name, "Sky" carries a sense of freedom, vastness, and infinite possibilities. It evokes the image of the vast expanse of the sky, symbolizing the boundless potential and limitless opportunities that lie ahead.

The name "Sky" can also connote a sense of tranquility and serenity, as the sky often represents a peaceful and calming presence in nature. It embodies qualities such as open-mindedness, creativity, and a free-spirited nature. As a name, "Sky" can inspire a sense of wonder and imagination, encouraging the individual to dream big and reach for the stars. It can also reflect a connection with nature and the desire to explore and experience the world.

In summary, the name "Sky" for a boy holds the meaning of freedom, limitless possibilities, tranquility, and a connection with nature. It is a name that carries a sense of openness and creativity, inviting the individual to embrace their own potential and explore the wonders of the world.



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Overall UK ranking: 3017 out of 4789

6 recorded births last year

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