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The name Shaw, when used as a boy's name, has origins that can be traced back to both Old English and Gaelic roots. In Old English, the meaning of Shaw is "wood," or more specifically, "small wood" or "copse." This origin is tied to the geographical nature of early English surnames, which often described the landscape of one's dwelling or property. Thus, a person named Shaw likely lived near or in a small forest or woodland area.

In Gaelic, particularly from its Scottish variant, Shaw can also mean "descendant of Sitheach," with "Sitheach" translating to "wolf." In this context, the name carries connotations of someone who is likened to a wolf, perhaps in characteristics such as independence, intelligence, or fierceness. This dual origin enriches the name Shaw, giving it layers of meaning connected to nature, heritage, and possibly character traits attributed to the wolf.

Overall, Shaw is a name steeped in natural and ancestral significance, embodying qualities associated with the earthiness of the woods and the spirited nature of the wolf.

Origin: English

A grove.


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