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Name Popularity: 95%

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The name Romeo has its origins in Italian and is derived from the Latin word "romaeus," meaning "a pilgrim to Rome." In literature, the most famous association with the name Romeo is from William Shakespeare's tragic play Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is portrayed as a young, passionate, and romantic character who falls deeply in love with Juliet. The name has since become synonymous with intense and all-consuming love.

In modern times, the name Romeo has retained its romantic connotation and is often associated with qualities such as charm, charisma, and a touch of recklessness. It is a name that carries a sense of passion, adventure, and a willingness to go to great lengths for love. While it may be seen as a bold and romantic choice for a boy's name, it is important to consider the cultural associations and the weight of the tragic love story that accompanies it.

Origin: Latin

Of the Romans.

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Overall UK ranking: 234 out of 4789

214 recorded births last year

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