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Name Popularity: 79%

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The name Riyad is of Arabic origin and holds various meanings. One of the most common interpretations is "gardens" or "meadows." This meaning signifies lush, green spaces associated with beauty and tranquility. It represents a sense of serenity and offers a connection to nature. Riyad also holds a symbolic significance in Islamic culture, as it refers to the gardens of paradise, highlighting the spiritual connotations of the name.

In addition, Riyad can represent a sense of prosperity and abundance. It implies richness, both in material wealth and personal growth. The name carries a positive energy, suggesting a person who is successful, ambitious, and has a strong will to achieve their goals. It also reflects a person's ability to find beauty and peace amidst challenges, highlighting their resilience and strong character.

Overall, the name Riyad encompasses meanings of beauty, tranquility, abundance, and success. It is a name that symbolizes a person's connection to nature, their spiritual values, and their ability to find peace and prosperity in various aspects of life.

Origin: Arabic


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Overall UK ranking: 1023 out of 4789

28 recorded births last year

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