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Name Popularity: 95%

Rhys name meaning:

The name Rhys is of Welsh origin and is commonly given to boys. It is pronounced as "reece" or "reese." Rhys is derived from the Welsh word "Rhys" or "Rhŷs," which means "enthusiasm" or "passion." The name signifies a person who is full of zest and energy, someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about life.

Those named Rhys are often described as charismatic and dynamic individuals who are known for their strong, confident personalities. They possess a natural charm that attracts others and can easily win people over with their enthusiasm and charisma. Rhys is a name that reflects a person who is driven, ambitious, and always eager to take on new challenges. They tend to approach life with a positive attitude and are not afraid to pursue their goals and dreams with great passion and determination.

Overall, the name Rhys symbolizes a vibrant and lively individual who brings excitement and energy to any situation. It represents someone who is enthusiastic, passionate, and unafraid to chase after what they desire in life.

Origin: Welsh

Rash, ardent.

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Overall UK ranking: 253 out of 4789

187 recorded births last year

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    Regional popularity

    Ranking for this name in various UK regions

  • Wales (96)
  • Scotland (150)

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