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The name Reuven is of Hebrew origin and holds significant biblical significance. In Hebrew, Reuven (רְאוּבֵן) means "behold, a son" or "behold, a son has been born." The name is derived from the Hebrew word "ra'ah," which means "to see" or "to perceive," and "ben," which means "son."

Reuven is the name of one of Jacob's (also known as Israel) twelve sons in the Bible, making it a deeply rooted name within Jewish tradition. Reuven was the eldest son of Jacob and Leah, and his birth was seen as a moment of hope and joy. It reflected the desire of Leah to be loved by her husband, as the name Reuven can be interpreted as "see, a son," expressing her hope that her husband would finally see her as worthy of love and favor.

Overall, the name Reuven carries connotations of joy, hope, and the desire to be seen and loved. It holds a strong connection to biblical heritage and tradition, making it a significant name for those seeking a meaningful and culturally rich name for their child.

Origin: Israeli

A son.

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