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Name Popularity: 79%

Ravi name meaning:

The name Ravi is of Indian origin and holds significant cultural and historical importance. In Sanskrit, Ravi means "sun" or "radiant sunlight." The sun is a powerful symbol in many cultures, representing light, warmth, and life. Hence, the name Ravi is often associated with brightness, energy, and positivity.

In Hindu mythology, Ravi is also another name for the Hindu god Surya, who is considered the personification of the sun. Surya is revered as the giver of life and the source of all energy. Consequently, the name Ravi carries connotations of strength, vitality, and divine blessings.

Choosing the name Ravi for a boy reflects a desire for him to embody qualities such as brilliance, warmth, and a zest for life. It signifies the hope that he will radiate positivity, bring light into others' lives, and possess the strength and energy to overcome obstacles. Overall, the name Ravi carries a deep and powerful meaning, symbolizing the sun's life-giving and illuminating qualities.

Origin: Hindu

Benevolent, sun God.

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Overall UK ranking: 1023 out of 4789

28 recorded births last year

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