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Name Popularity: 84%

Raiden name meaning:

The name Raiden is of Japanese origin and holds various meanings. In Japanese, "Rai" translates to "thunder" and "den" means "lightning." Collectively, Raiden can be interpreted as "thunder and lightning." Thunder and lightning are natural phenomena that symbolize power, energy, and strength. In Japanese mythology, Raiden is also the name of the god of thunder and lightning, who controls the weather and protects humanity from evil spirits. Thus, the name Raiden carries connotations of bravery, protection, and divine intervention.

Choosing the name Raiden for a boy may reflect the parents' desire for their child to possess qualities associated with thunder and lightning, such as energy, power, and protection. It can also reflect the parents' admiration for Japanese culture and mythology. Additionally, Raiden can be viewed as a unique and strong name, setting the child apart from others and imbuing them with a sense of individuality and distinctiveness.



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Overall UK ranking: 790 out of 4789

41 recorded births last year

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