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The name Qamar is of Arabic origin and it carries great cultural significance. Qamar means "moon" in Arabic, symbolizing beauty, radiance, and grace. The moon has always held a special place in many cultures, representing tranquility, enlightenment, and the feminine divine energy. In Islamic tradition, the moon is often associated with spirituality and is a symbol of guidance.

Naming a boy Qamar can be seen as a way to bestow upon him qualities associated with the moon. It can be interpreted as a wish for the child to possess qualities such as beauty, gentleness, and wisdom. It may also symbolize a connection to nature and the celestial world, emphasizing the importance of spirituality and enlightenment.

Overall, the name Qamar carries a deep and symbolic meaning, reflecting positive qualities and aspirations for the child. It signifies a desire for the child to embody the beauty and grace associated with the moon, while also embracing spiritual and guiding principles.

Origin: Arabic

The moon, satellite.

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