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The name Panav is of Indian origin and is predominantly used as a boy's name. While there isn't an exact definition or meaning attributed to this name, it is believed to have various interpretations based on its cultural and linguistic roots.

One possible interpretation is that Panav is derived from the Sanskrit word "pana," which means water or drink. In this context, the name may symbolize purity, life-giving, or refreshment. Water is considered a vital element in Hinduism and holds immense significance in rituals and daily life. Thus, Panav could be seen as a name that conveys a sense of vitality and spiritual importance.

Another interpretation is that Panav could be a combination of two words, "pa," meaning protector or guardian, and "nav," meaning new. In this sense, the name might signify a guardian of something new or someone who brings newness or novelty to a situation.

Ultimately, the meaning of the name Panav may vary depending on personal or cultural associations, and it is important to consider its context and origin when interpreting its significance.


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