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Name Popularity: 28%

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The name Oluwademilade is of Yoruba origin and is predominantly used for boys. In Yoruba culture, names carry significant meanings and are often chosen to reflect the family's values, beliefs, or aspirations. The name Oluwademilade is a compound name, combining the elements "Oluwa" and "Demilade".

The first element, "Oluwa", means "God" or "Divine". It signifies a strong religious or spiritual connection and reflects the family's belief in a higher power. The second element, "Demilade", can be translated as "crowned me with a crown of wealth" or "God has crowned me with wealth". This element conveys a sense of prosperity, abundance, and success. It suggests that the family hopes for their child to lead a blessed and prosperous life, both materially and spiritually.

Overall, the name Oluwademilade embodies a deep faith in God and a desire for the child to experience divine favor and abundance throughout their life. It carries an optimistic and hopeful message, reflecting the family's aspirations for their son's future.

Origin: Nigerian

God has crowned me


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