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Name Popularity: 99%

Oakley name meaning:

The name Oakley is of English origin and has different meanings depending on its etymology. One possible meaning is "oak field," derived from the Old English words "ac" (oak) and "leah" (clearing or field). This interpretation suggests a connection to nature and strength, as the oak tree is known for its durability and longevity.

Another possible meaning of Oakley is "meadow of oaks," derived from the combination of the Old English words "ac" (oak) and "leah" (meadow). In this context, the name evokes images of a peaceful and serene natural environment, further emphasizing the connection to nature.

Overall, the name Oakley carries a sense of strength, endurance, and natural beauty. It can be a fitting choice for parents looking to give their son a name that symbolizes these qualities. Additionally, Oakley has become increasingly popular in recent years, giving it a modern and fashionable appeal.

Origin: English

From the oak, tree meadow.


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Overall UK ranking: 67 out of 4789

908 recorded births last year

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    Regional popularity

    Ranking for this name in various UK regions

  • Wales (57)
  • England (68)
  • Scotland (168)

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