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Name Popularity: 77%

Nova name meaning:

The name Nova is derived from the Latin word "novus," meaning "new" or "young." As a given name, Nova represents a bright and fresh start, symbolizing new beginnings and a sense of uniqueness. It carries an air of excitement and discovery, similar to the phenomenon of a supernova, a powerful explosion of a star that emits an incredibly intense light.

Parents who choose the name Nova for their daughter often hope to convey a sense of individuality and a desire for her to shine brightly in the world. Furthermore, the name Nova can inspire a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a willingness to explore new horizons. It evokes a spirit of embracing change and embracing new experiences, encouraging the girl to approach life with enthusiasm and optimism.

Overall, the name Nova represents a powerful and vibrant energy, symbolizing the potential for growth, transformation, and personal uniqueness. It encapsulates the idea of embracing new beginnings and radiating light, making it a fitting choice for parents who hope to raise a daughter with a strong sense of self and a zest for life.

Origin: Latin

New, young.

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Overall UK ranking: 1117 out of 4789

25 recorded births last year

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