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The name Norton, when given to a boy, carries with it a heritage of English origin. It is derived from an Old English surname and place name, meaning "north settlement" or "north town." The components of the name, "north" and "tun" (meaning town or settlement), reflect a geographical location, likely indicating that the original bearers of the name hailed from a northern town or settlement. This name embodies a sense of origin, belonging, and historical roots.

As a first name, Norton suggests traits of steadfastness, reliability, and a strong connection to one's heritage. It evokes an image of someone who values tradition, stability, and the importance of community. While it might not be among the most common names in contemporary times, its uniqueness adds to its charm, offering a distinct identity to those who bear it. Norton, as a name, seamlessly blends the significance of ancestral roots with the individuality and character of the person it names.

Origin: Anglo Saxon

From the north farm.

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