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Name Popularity: 28%

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The name Norbert is of Germanic origin and is derived from the elements "norðr," meaning "north," and "beraðr," meaning "bright" or "famous." Therefore, the name Norbert can be interpreted to mean "bright or famous in the north." It is a masculine name that has been used in various European countries, including Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands.

People named Norbert are often regarded as intelligent, resourceful, and charismatic individuals. They have a natural ability to shine and make an impact in their surroundings. The name carries a sense of honor and distinction, as it combines the idea of brightness with the geographical significance of the north. Norberts are typically known for their sharp wit, strong leadership qualities, and an inclination towards intellectual pursuits. They often possess a charming and magnetic personality, drawing others towards them. Overall, the name Norbert represents a person who is both intellectually brilliant and socially influential, making it an admirable and distinguished choice for a boy.

Origin: English

Shining from the North.


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Overall UK ranking: 3451 out of 4789

5 recorded births last year

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