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The name Nazar is of various origins and carries different meanings depending on the cultural context. In Arabic, Nazar means "vision" or "gaze," symbolizing the act of looking or perceiving. In Persian, it translates to "sight" or "eyesight," representing clear or sharp vision. In some cultures, Nazar is associated with protection against the evil eye, a belief that certain individuals can cause harm or misfortune with their envious or malicious stares. Therefore, the name Nazar may also be seen as a form of warding off negative energy or attracting good luck.

As a name for a boy, Nazar embodies qualities of insightfulness, perceptiveness, and the ability to see beyond the surface. It suggests an individual who possesses a clear vision and a strong sense of observation, enabling him to understand and navigate the world around him. The name Nazar carries a sense of purpose and attentiveness, indicating a person who is attentive to detail and has a keen eye for opportunities. Overall, the name Nazar confers a sense of visual acuity and protection while also symbolizing a perceptive and insightful individual.

Origin: Arabic

Eyesight, vision.

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