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The name Moray, for a boy, is intriguing and carries with it a sense of uniqueness and depth. It is a name of Scottish origin, primarily associated with the Moray Firth, an inlet of the North Sea in Scotland, and the surrounding region of Moray. Historically, this area was known for its strategic importance and natural beauty, suggesting that the name Moray might symbolize strength, resilience, and a deep connection to nature or one's roots.

Beyond its geographical association, Moray can also be seen as a variant of the name Murray, derived from the Gaelic "Muireb" or "Moray," meaning 'sea settlement.' This further underscores themes of exploration, a life intertwined with nature, and perhaps a pioneering spirit. Individuals named Moray might be perceived as having a strong character, an adventurous spirit, and a natural leadership quality, making the name not only a nod to Scottish heritage but also a symbol of innate resilience and capability.

Origin: Scottish

Variant of Murray: Sea. A Scottish surname and place name.

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