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Name Popularity: 98%

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The name Mohammad is of Arabic origin and holds great significance in Islam. It is derived from the Arabic word "hamida" which means "to praise" or "to commend." As one of the most popular names in the world, it carries a deep religious and historical meaning, primarily associated with the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

Mohammad is considered a blessed and honorable name in Islamic culture. It signifies one who is praised, praiseworthy, or someone worthy of admiration. The name holds a spiritual connection, reminding individuals of the qualities and behavior exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, such as kindness, generosity, patience, and humility.

Furthermore, the name Mohammad is also believed to bring blessings and divine protection to the bearer. It symbolizes a deep devotion to the teachings of Islam and a commitment to following the path of righteousness. Many Muslim families choose to name their children Mohammad as a way to honor the Prophet and seek his intercession in their lives.

Overall, the name Mohammad carries a profound religious and cultural significance, representing a person who is admired, praiseworthy, and dedicated to living a righteous life according to Islamic principles.

Origin: Arabic

Praiseworthy, glorified. Mohammad - founder of the Islamic religion. Many names and variants used for Mohammad.

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719 recorded births last year

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