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The name Miller is of English origin and is derived from the occupational surname for someone who worked as a miller, grinding grain into flour. The word "miller" itself comes from the Middle English term "milnere," which is a derivative of the Old English word "mylnweard." It was a popular surname given to individuals associated with the milling profession during the Middle Ages.

Symbolically, the name Miller carries connotations of hard work, skill, and resourcefulness. The occupation of a miller required physical strength and knowledge of the machinery used in the milling process. Millers played a crucial role in the production of flour, an essential staple in everyday life. The name thus represents someone who possesses qualities of diligence, expertise, and reliability. It can be seen as indicative of a person who is dedicated to their craft and values the importance of providing for others through their labor.

Overall, the name Miller holds historical significance as a reminder of the important role millers played in society. It serves as a lasting tribute to their hard work, expertise, and contribution to the community, making it a meaningful and admirable name choice for a boy.

Origin: English

One who grinds grain. Surname.



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Overall UK ranking: 482 out of 4789

83 recorded births last year

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