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Name Popularity: 86%

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The name "Md" is an abbreviation commonly used in some countries, particularly in the Indian subcontinent, as a prefix to identify Muslim boys. It is short for "Mohammed" or "Muhammad," which are both variant spellings of the Arabic name meaning "praiseworthy" or "praised one." "Md" is often followed by the individual's given name, forming a complete name that represents their faith and cultural identity.

In Muslim culture, the name Muhammad holds significant religious and historical importance as it is the name of the last and final prophet in Islam. It is considered a noble name and is often chosen by parents to show their devotion and respect to the prophet. The name's meaning reflects the importance of praise and honor in the Islamic faith, emphasizing the individual's desire to lead a life worthy of admiration and recognition.

Overall, the name "Md" symbolizes a connection to the Islamic faith and signifies the individual's aspiration to embody the qualities associated with the prophet Muhammad, such as righteousness, piety, and integrity.


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Overall UK ranking: 672 out of 4789

54 recorded births last year

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