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Name Popularity: 88%

Mario name meaning:

The name Mario is of Italian origin and is derived from the Latin name Marius. It has several possible meanings and interpretations. One popular meaning is "warrior" or "manly," reflecting strength and bravery. This could be associated with the Roman god of war, Mars, who was often depicted as a strong and powerful figure.

Another possible meaning of Mario is "dedicated to Mars," again referencing the Roman god of war. This implies a sense of devotion and loyalty. Additionally, the name Mario can also be seen as a variant of the name Marius, which means "of the sea" in Latin. This interpretation suggests a connection to the ocean and its vastness, evoking a sense of freedom and exploration.

Overall, the name Mario conveys qualities of strength, courage, dedication, and a free spirit. It holds historical and mythological references, giving it a sense of depth and significance.

Origin: Italian


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Overall UK ranking: 556 out of 4789

69 recorded births last year

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