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Name Popularity: 80%

Malek name meaning:

The name Malek is of Arabic origin and is primarily used in Middle Eastern cultures. It has several variations such as Malik or Malak, all derived from the Arabic word "malik" which means "king" or "ruler". Malek carries a strong and regal connotation, symbolizing leadership, authority, and power.

Individuals named Malek are often seen as natural-born leaders, possessing the qualities of charisma, confidence, and a commanding presence. They tend to exhibit a strong sense of determination and ambition, striving for success in all aspects of their lives. Malek also signifies a person who is able to take charge and make important decisions with wisdom and clarity.

People with the name Malek often display a strong sense of responsibility and may excel in positions of leadership or management. They are driven to achieve their goals and inspire others to follow their lead. The name Malek carries a sense of nobility and strength, reflecting the qualities associated with a ruler or king.


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Overall UK ranking: 939 out of 4789

32 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1265)

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