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The name MacArthur is of Scottish and Irish origin, deriving from the Gaelic "Mac Artair," which means "son of Arthur." The name Arthur itself could have several meanings, including "bear," "stone," or possibly "noble" and "courageous." Throughout history, the name MacArthur has been borne by many notable figures, which has helped embed a sense of resilience, leadership, and strength into its connotation.

As a boy's name, MacArthur evokes images of steadfastness and a natural ability to lead. It carries a weight of historical significance, partly due to General Douglas MacArthur, a prominent figure in American military history. Naming a child MacArthur could be seen as a hope to instill qualities of determination, honor, and the ability to overcome adversity. It's a name that speaks to a legacy of leadership and the hope that the child will grow into someone remarkable and courageous.

Origin: Gaelic

Son of Arthur.

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