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Name Popularity: 91%

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The name Loki is of Norse origin and is predominantly associated with the mischievous and complex deity in Norse mythology. In Norse mythology, Loki is depicted as a trickster god, known for his shape-shifting abilities and cunning nature. The name Loki can be translated to mean "knot" or "to tie," which metaphorically represents Loki's role in the intricate web of fate.

Loki is a multifaceted character, often portrayed as both a friend and an adversary of the gods. He challenges the established order and frequently creates chaos and mischief, which often leads to significant events in mythology. While Loki's actions often have negative consequences, his character is also credited with bringing about change and transformation within the Norse pantheon.

Choosing the name Loki for a boy may indicate a desire to invoke the attributes of the trickster god - someone who is clever, resourceful, and thinks outside the box. It could also reflect a fascination with Norse mythology and a connection to its rich lore and history. However, it is important to note that the character of Loki is complex and morally ambiguous, so the name may also carry connotations of unpredictability and ambiguity.

Origin: Norse

God of destruction.


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Overall UK ranking: 425 out of 4789

98 recorded births last year

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