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The name Larsson is a patronymic surname of Swedish origin, derived from the personal name Lars, which means "laurel" or "victory" in Old Norse. The addition of the suffix "-son" indicates "son of Lars". Therefore, Larsson translates to "son of Lars".

Lars is a popular masculine name in Scandinavian countries and is associated with strength, bravery, and victory. The use of patronymic surnames, such as Larsson, was a common practice in Scandinavian cultures, where the father's name was passed down to their children as a family name. This tradition allowed for the identification of individuals' lineage and family ties.

The name Larsson carries a sense of heritage and familial connection, reflecting the importance of lineage and history in Scandinavian culture. It symbolizes a connection to a patriarchal figure and represents the continuation of a family line. As with many surnames, Larsson represents not only the individual but also the legacy and ancestry that they bear.


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