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Name Popularity: 95%

Kobe name meaning:

The name Kobe is of Japanese origin and has multiple meanings depending on the interpretation. One of the most common meanings associated with the name Kobe is "God's door" or "God's gate." This meaning suggests that individuals named Kobe are believed to possess a connection or gateway to the divine. It represents their potential to be a source of guidance or inspiration to others, as well as their ability to access higher knowledge or spiritual realms.

Another interpretation of the name Kobe is "tortoise", which is a powerful symbol in many cultures around the world. The tortoise represents longevity, wisdom, and protection. People named Kobe may be seen as individuals with a strong and stable presence, capable of withstanding challenges and offering wise counsel to those around them.

Overall, the name Kobe carries a significant spiritual connotation, implying a connection to the divine and a potential for wisdom and guidance. It is a name that suggests strength, stability, and longevity, making it a meaningful and powerful choice for parents seeking a name for their son.


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Overall UK ranking: 231 out of 4789

218 recorded births last year

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