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Name Popularity: 43%

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The name Kiran is of Indian origin and is commonly used for both boys and girls. In Hindi, Kiran means "ray of light" or "beam of sunlight." It is derived from the Sanskrit word "kirana," which translates to "dust" or "particles of light." The name is often associated with positivity, brightness, and warmth.

For a girl named Kiran, the meaning of the name represents her potential to spread happiness and bring light into the lives of those around her. She may be seen as someone who possesses a radiant personality, illuminating the lives of others with her presence. The name Kiran also suggests qualities such as optimism, hope, and inspiration.

Overall, the name Kiran carries a beautiful and meaningful connotation, emphasizing the importance of bringing light and positivity into the world. It is a name that symbolizes the potential for greatness and the ability to make a positive impact on others.

Origin: Hindu



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Overall UK ranking: 2730 out of 4789

7 recorded births last year

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