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Name Popularity: 75%

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The name Kilian is of Irish and Gaelic origin and has various meanings depending on the cultural context. In Irish, Kilian is derived from the name Cillian, which means "strife" or "war." This interpretation reflects the historical significance of Ireland's tumultuous past and the struggles its people have faced. It can also symbolize a strong and determined nature, as someone who is willing to confront challenges head-on.

In a Gaelic context, Kilian is associated with the name Caoilfhionn, which means "slender and fair." This interpretation emphasizes physical attributes, suggesting a person who is graceful, elegant, and possesses a certain charm. It can also denote a gentle and kind-hearted nature, evoking qualities of compassion and empathy.

Overall, the name Kilian combines qualities of strength, resilience, and beauty. It can represent a person who possesses both the courage to face adversity and the grace to navigate social situations with elegance. Ultimately, the meaning of the name Kilian varies depending on the cultural background and personal interpretation, but it generally conveys positive traits and characteristics.

Origin: Celtic



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22 recorded births last year

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