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Name Popularity: 91%

Kenzo name meaning:

The name Kenzo is of Japanese origin and has various meanings attached to it. One interpretation of the name is "strong and healthy," highlighting qualities of physical strength and vitality. Additionally, Kenzo can also mean "wise" or "intelligent," suggesting intellectual abilities and wisdom. In Japanese culture, names often carry significant meaning and are chosen carefully to reflect the desired traits or aspirations a parent has for their child.

Kenzo is also a popular brand name, particularly associated with fashion and luxury. The fashion house founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada has gained worldwide recognition and has its own unique style, combining Japanese aesthetics with European influences. Therefore, the name Kenzo can also be associated with creativity, artistic expression, and a sense of style.

Overall, the name Kenzo can represent various positive attributes such as strength, health, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and style. It carries a cultural significance and can express the hopes and aspirations that parents have for their child.


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Overall UK ranking: 425 out of 4789

98 recorded births last year

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