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Name Popularity: 93%

Kasper name meaning:

The name Kasper is of Persian origin and has several different meanings depending on the cultural context. In Persian, Kasper means "treasurer," referring to someone who is responsible for managing and safeguarding wealth. This meaning suggests characteristics of reliability, organization, and trustworthiness.

In addition to its Persian origin, Kasper is also associated with the name Casper, which is derived from the Latin name "Caspian" or "Gasper." In this context, the name is often associated with the story of the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings who visited the baby Jesus, with Casper being one of the names attributed to one of the wise men. In this context, the name Kasper can symbolize wisdom, spirituality, and faith.

Overall, the name Kasper carries connotations of responsibility, reliability, wisdom, and spirituality. It can be a meaningful and powerful choice for parents looking to instill these qualities in their son.


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Overall UK ranking: 326 out of 4789

140 recorded births last year

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