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Name Popularity: 81%

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The name Kajus is primarily of Lithuanian origin. In Lithuanian, Kajus is a variant form of the name Kajus/Kājus, which is derived from the Latin name Gaius. Gaius was a very common name in ancient Rome and was borne by several notable figures. The meaning of the name Kajus is often interpreted as "rejoice" or "to be glad" in Lithuanian.

Those named Kajus often possess joyous and cheerful personalities. They have a natural ability to bring happiness to those around them and find joy in even the simplest of things. Kajus tend to approach life with a positive outlook and a sense of optimism. They have a strong sense of empathy and are often drawn to professions where they can help and support others. Kajus also value their relationships greatly and are known for being loyal and trustworthy friends.

Overall, the name Kajus embodies qualities of happiness, positivity, and genuine care for others. Those bearing this name often bring light and joy wherever they go, leaving a lasting impact on the lives they touch.


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