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Name Popularity: 99%

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The name Jude is derived from the Hebrew name "Yehudah," meaning "praised" or "thankful." It has biblical origins and is associated with the twelve apostles, as one of them was named Jude. The name gained popularity through the centuries and has remained a classic choice for parents seeking a meaningful and timeless name for their sons.

Jude carries a sense of strength and praise, reflecting the positive qualities parents may wish for their child. It conveys a sense of gratitude and appreciation, symbolizing the idea of being thankful for life's blessings. Additionally, the name Jude can also signify determination and perseverance. Jude is often seen as a name that holds cultural and historical significance, with a touch of religious undertones.

Parents who choose the name Jude for their son may have various reasons for doing so, such as a connection to their faith, admiration for the biblical figure, or simply because they find the name appealing. Regardless of the motivation, the name Jude evokes a sense of praise, thankfulness, and strength, making it a meaningful and attractive choice for a boy.

Origin: Hebrew



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Overall UK ranking: 40 out of 4789

1482 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (28)
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