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Name Popularity: 97%

Jaxson name meaning:

The name Jaxson is a variant spelling of the name Jackson. It is of English origin and is predominantly used as a masculine name. The name Jackson itself is derived from the English surname meaning "son of Jack." The name Jack is a diminutive form of the name John, which is of Hebrew origin and means "God is gracious."

Those with the name Jaxson are often seen as confident and ambitious individuals. They have a natural leadership quality and possess a strong sense of determination. Jaxsons are known for their practicality and ability to make sound decisions. They are often willing to take risks and are not afraid to pursue their goals relentlessly.

Overall, the name Jaxson carries connotations of strength, resilience, and drive. It is a name that signifies a person who is not easily deterred and is willing to work hard to achieve success.


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Overall UK ranking: 135 out of 4789

420 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (160)

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