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The name Jarrett is of English origin and is derived from the occupational surname "garret" or "garrett," which means "spear strength" or "spear ruler." In Old English, "gar" referred to a spear, while "rett" signified strength or ruler. As a given name, Jarrett is typically used for boys.

Individuals named Jarrett are often associated with qualities such as bravery, leadership, and power. The name suggests a strong and determined nature, someone who can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Those with the name Jarrett may possess a natural ability to take charge and lead others, displaying a sense of authority and responsibility.

Overall, the name Jarrett carries connotations of strength, both physically and mentally. It implies a person who is capable of wielding power and influencing others. The name's origins and meanings make it a suitable choice for parents seeking a name that represents courage, leadership, and the ability to overcome challenges.

Origin: French

Form of Jared. One who rules.



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