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The name Ikraam is of Arabic origin and holds significance in Islamic culture. It is derived from the root word "karam," which means generosity and honor. As such, the name Ikraam carries the meaning of being noble, generous, and honorable. People with this name are believed to possess qualities of kindness, compassion, and dignity. They are seen as individuals who show respect and love towards others, and who value the importance of treating others with kindness and generosity.

In Islamic tradition, the name Ikraam is also associated with the concept of showing hospitality and generosity towards guests and visitors. It reflects the importance of being hospitable and treating others with respect and honor. Therefore, individuals named Ikraam are often seen as warm and welcoming individuals who make others feel valued and appreciated. Overall, the name Ikraam symbolizes virtues such as kindness, generosity, and honor, making it a meaningful and positive choice for a boy's name.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Ikram: Esteem veneration.

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