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Name Popularity: 78%

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The name Hussein is of Arabic origin and holds significant cultural and historical significance. It is derived from the Arabic word "hasuna," which means "to be good" or "to be handsome." The name gained prominence due to its association with the Islamic prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein ibn Ali. Imam Hussein is highly revered in Shia Islam and is known for his heroic stance against injustice and oppression. His martyrdom at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD holds great importance for Muslims worldwide, representing sacrifice, righteousness, and resistance against tyranny.

As a given name, Hussein carries a strong sense of honor, bravery, and moral uprightness. It symbolizes the values of standing up for justice and fighting for what is right. Many individuals named Hussein often strive to live up to the ideals of their namesake, embodying qualities such as courage, compassion, and integrity. The name Hussein is widely used in the Muslim world, and it serves as a reminder of the historical and spiritual legacy associated with Imam Hussein and his unwavering commitment to righteousness.

Origin: Arabic

Handsome one.

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Overall UK ranking: 1055 out of 4789

27 recorded births last year

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