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Name Popularity: 87%

Hamzah name meaning:

The name Hamzah has its origins in Arabic and holds significant cultural and historical resonance. It means "strong" or "steadfast," denoting qualities of strength, resilience, and determination. The name is often associated with bravery and courage, qualities highly valued in many societies.

One of the most famous bearers of this name was Hamzah ibn Abdul-Muttalib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad in Islamic tradition. He was known for his valor and was titled "The Lion of God" for his bravery in battle. This historical figure contributes greatly to the name's popularity among Muslims around the world.

Today, parents choosing the name Hamzah for their child might be inspired by its deep roots and the qualities it represents. It's a name that carries a sense of strength and noble character, making it a meaningful choice for a boy.


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Overall UK ranking: 641 out of 4789

57 recorded births last year

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