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The name Gunner is derived from the Scandinavian word 'Gunni', meaning "war" or "battle". Gunner is typically associated with strength, bravery, and a warrior-like nature. This name has historical connotations, often referencing warriors and soldiers who displayed courage and prowess on the battlefield.

Gunner carries a sense of resilience and determination, symbolizing an individual who can persevere through challenging situations. The name suggests someone who is assertive and confident, possessing a natural leadership ability. Gunner also reflects an adventurous spirit, as it is often associated with exploration and taking risks. It implies a person who fearlessly faces obstacles and is unafraid to embark on new journeys.

Parents who choose the name Gunner for their son may do so to honor their own heritage or to celebrate qualities they hope their child will possess. With its strong and masculine sound, Gunner is a popular choice among parents looking for a name that exudes power and strength.

Origin: Swedish

Battle strong.



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Overall UK ranking: 4789 out of 4789

3 recorded births last year

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