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The name Gadi is of Hebrew origin and has a few possible meanings. In Hebrew, Gadi is a diminutive of the name Gad, which means "luck" or "fortune." It is derived from the Hebrew word "gadah," which means "to invade" or "to cut." Gad was also the name of one of Jacob's twelve sons in the Bible, who eventually became one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

In addition to its Hebrew roots, the name Gadi is also associated with other cultures. In Indian culture, Gadi means "throne" or "seat," and it is often used as a surname or title for rulers or nobility. In some African cultures, Gadi is a name given to boys and it means "lion" or "powerful warrior."

Overall, the name Gadi carries connotations of luck, fortune, strength, and power across different cultures. It can be seen as a powerful, masculine name with a sense of authority and nobility.

Origin: Arabic

God is my fortune.

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