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Name Popularity: 77%

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The name Eren has multiple origins and meanings, depending on its cultural and linguistic context. One potential meaning is derived from Turkish, where Eren means "saint" or "holy person." In this sense, the name carries connotations of purity, righteousness, and spiritual devotion. It is often considered a unisex name in Turkey, suitable for both boys and girls.

Another possible origin is from the Japanese language, where Eren can be written with different kanji characters, each carrying its own meaning. One interpretation is "blessed" or "divine love," which reflects a positive and loving nature. Other kanji combinations may imply meanings such as "eternity" or "peaceful," attributing a sense of everlasting and serene qualities to the name.

The precise meaning of the name Eren may vary depending on cultural interpretations and personal beliefs. However, it generally evokes notions of sacredness, goodness, and a deep connection to spirituality or love, making it a name associated with positive attributes for a boy.


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Overall UK ranking: 1078 out of 4789

26 recorded births last year

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