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Name Popularity: 81%

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The name Emre is of Turkish origin and is primarily given to boys. It holds several meanings, all of which encompass positive qualities. One interpretation of the name Emre is "friend" or "friendly." This suggests that individuals named Emre tend to be warm, sociable, and amiable, making them easy to get along with. They possess a natural ability to connect with people and build meaningful relationships.

Another meaning associated with the name Emre is "heritage" or "ancestry." This suggests that individuals with this name have a strong connection to their roots and value their cultural background. They may have a deep appreciation for tradition and family history, carrying the legacy of their ancestors forward.

Overall, the name Emre carries connotations of friendship, sociability, and a strong sense of heritage. People with this name are likely to embody these qualities and bring joy and warmth to the relationships they cultivate.


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Overall UK ranking: 907 out of 4789

33 recorded births last year

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