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The name Eldad is of Hebrew origin and bears a deeply spiritual and historical significance. In Hebrew, Eldad translates to "God has loved" or "loved by God," derived from the elements 'el,' meaning 'God,' and 'dod,' meaning 'loved' or 'beloved.' This name encapsulates a profound sense of being cherished by the divine, highlighting a spiritual connection and divine favor.

Eldad is notably mentioned in the Bible, in the Book of Numbers, as one of the seventy elders chosen by Moses to assist him in leading the Israelites. Eldad, along with Medad, is known for prophesying in the camp, embodying a figure through whom God communicated with His people. The name thus carries connotations of prophecy, leadership, and a special bond with the divine. In contemporary times, Eldad remains a unique choice, resonating with those who seek a name with biblical roots, spiritual depth, and a timeless appeal.

Origin: Biblical

Favored of God, love of God.

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