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The name "Echo" has Greek origins, derived from the mythological character of Echo. According to Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who was cursed by the goddess Hera to only repeat the last words spoken to her. As a result, the name Echo has come to symbolize repetition or reflection. It represents the idea of an echo bouncing back and forth, mirroring the original sound.

When used as a name for a girl, Echo carries a sense of uniqueness and individuality. It portrays a person who may have a strong sense of self, someone who is not easily swayed by others but instead reflects their own thoughts and beliefs. This name suggests a person who is a careful listener, someone who takes in the words and ideas of others and reflects upon them before responding. It may also represent someone who has a strong voice and is unafraid to speak up and be heard.

Overall, the name Echo for a girl encompasses qualities such as reflection, individuality, and the power of expression. It implies a person who listens attentively and thoughtfully responds, making it a name that conveys depth and uniqueness.

Origin: Greek

A nymph, repeated voice.


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Overall UK ranking: 3990 out of 4789

4 recorded births last year

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