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The name Ebbe is of Scandinavian origin and has multiple meanings depending on the cultural context. In Danish and Norwegian, Ebbe is derived from the Old Norse name Ebbi, which means "brave boar." In this sense, the name Ebbe is associated with strength, courage, and resilience, symbolizing a warrior-like nature. This interpretation reflects the ancient Scandinavian warrior culture and their admiration for the boar as a symbol of power.

On the other hand, in German, Ebbe is a word that means "ebb" or "low tide" in English. In this sense, the name Ebbe conveys a connection to the natural world and the ebb and flow of life. It may represent someone who is adaptable, able to navigate through challenging times, and find balance amidst the changing tides.

Overall, the name Ebbe has a strong and resilient connotation, whether associated with bravery and courage or adaptability and balance, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking a unique and meaningful name for their son.

Origin: Scandinavian

Variant of Esbjorn: Divine bear.

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Esbjorn , Asbjorn, Ebbe, Esben, Esbern

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