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The name Duran is of Spanish origin and has multiple meanings depending on the cultural context. One possible meaning of the name Duran is "enduring" or "endurance." This meaning suggests that individuals with this name are strong and resilient, able to withstand challenges and hardships. Another possible meaning is "steadfast" or "firm." This interpretation implies that people named Duran are reliable, unwavering, and trustworthy in their actions and commitments.

In addition to these meanings, Duran can also be a surname of Turkish or Kurdish origin, with variations such as Duraner or Duransoy. In this context, the name may have different meanings, such as "constant," "unchanging," or "immovable." These meanings highlight the idea of stability and consistency in character.

Overall, the name Duran carries connotations of strength, endurance, reliability, and firmness, which contribute to a positive and dependable image for individuals bearing this name.

Origin: English

Firm, enduring.

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