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The name Dawid is the Polish variant of the more commonly known name David, which has its origins in Hebrew. In Hebrew, David is spelled as דָּוִד, translating to "beloved" or "darling." This name carries with it a sense of love and admiration, making it a popular choice among parents who wish to bestow a name upon their son that speaks to cherished affection and esteem.

The name Dawid, while maintaining the core essence and meaning of its Hebrew origin, has been embraced in Poland and other Slavic countries, adapting to the linguistic nuances of these regions. The biblical King David, renowned for his leadership, wisdom, and poetic talent as the attributed author of many Psalms, lends historical and religious significance to the name. Thus, parents choosing the name Dawid for their son might be inspired by the desire to evoke qualities of strength, creativity, and a deep capacity for love, reflecting the storied legacy of its original bearer.


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