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The name Darryl is of English origin and means "beloved" or "dear one." It is often used as a masculine name and is derived from the Old French name Darrell, which has variations such as Daryl and Darrel. The name Darryl conveys a sense of affection and endearment, suggesting someone who is cherished and valued by those around them.

Individuals named Darryl are often seen as compassionate, caring, and loyal individuals who have a strong sense of connection with their loved ones. They are known for their kindness and ability to form deep and meaningful relationships with others. With its origins rooted in love and devotion, the name Darryl signifies a person who brings warmth and comfort to those in their lives.

Origin: English

Form of Daryl. Dear, Beloved.

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Daryl , Danylynn, Darolyn, Darrel, Darrell, Darrellyn, Darrill, Darryl, Darryll, Darylene, Daryll, Darylyn

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