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The name Danil is a variant of the more commonly known name Daniel, which has its origins in the Hebrew language, derived from "Daniyyel" meaning "God is my judge." This name carries a significant religious and cultural weight, as Daniel was a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, known for his unwavering faith and wisdom. The story of Daniel interpreting dreams and surviving the lion's den are highlights of his legacy.

Danil, while less common, preserves the essence and meaning of the original name. It is used in various cultures and countries, including Russia and some parts of Eastern Europe. The name embodies qualities such as righteousness, integrity, and judgment, reflecting a strong moral compass. Parents might choose the name Danil for their son to instill values of faith, wisdom, and justice, hoping that he embodies the strength and virtue of the biblical figure.

Origin: Hebrew

Variant of Daniel: God is my judge.

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