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The name Cullin, often associated with boys, carries a historical and linguistic charm. Its origins can be traced back to Irish and Gaelic roots, where it is derived from the surname "Mac Cuilinn," meaning "son of the holly." The holly plant, revered for its evergreen leaves and bright red berries, symbolizes protection and eternal life in various cultures. Thus, the name Cullin can be imbued with meanings of endurance, protection, and vitality.

In addition to its Irish heritage, Cullin might also draw associations with the Old French word "culler," meaning to choose or pick, suggesting a sense of discernment and distinction. This multifaceted name encapsulates qualities of resilience, natural beauty, and selectiveness, making it a compelling choice for a boy's name that carries both historical depth and cultural significance.

Origin: Gaelic

Variant of Cullen: Handsome, good-looking lad.

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